Born In Mexico City

Tarzan Congo 1997' - 2001'

Chencha Berrinches 2002' - Present

Chris Suicide

Chris Suicide Q&A

1. What first got you into music? Motley Crue on a 1980's video, I was like "Damn I want to be like them". 2. Who inspired you to make music? My mother, through good and bad experiences. 3. Who would you most like to collaborate with? Vince Neil 4. If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be? Motley Crue. 5. What is one message you would give to your fans? Thank You much for the support that you give us at every show, without you we wouldn't be out there. 6. What is the most useless talent you have? I'm very clumsy! :-D 7. Do you sing in the shower? What songs? Yes and I love it! :-D 8. What's your favorite Chencha song to play live? Pintalo De Rojo 9. Which famous musicians do you admire? Joe Satriani, Javier Solis, Michael Jackson, George Michael. 10. What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into? I can't talk about that :-( 11. What is the best advice you’ve been given? Every choice you make, good or bad has consequences. 12. Favorite Sport? Football 13. Favorite Team? Dallas Cowboys